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Case Studies

ALD can provide a range of educational programmes for children and these are outlined below. Support is offered in the child's home, addressing not only his/ her educational needs but also the practicalities of everyday life with a child with autistic spectrum disorder.

Case Study One: Jack

Jack is a lovely little boy who is four years old. Jack received a diagnosis of autism two years ago and has been on a home programme for the last 18 months. In this time, Jack has learned age-appropriate self care skills, he has acquired speech, he has learned to co-operate with others and to play both on his own and with other children. Although Jack still has many social, play and language skills to acquire, he is on target for beginning school with his peers.

Case study Two: Oliver - a Success Story

Oliver is now 13 years old. He has a diagnosis of autistic spectrum disorder and undertook intensive behavioural intervention as a young child. Oliver has been in mainstream school since he was 5 and is now in secondary school. His teachers’ expectations for his GCSE grades are high. Oliver has some difficulties in organising himself and his belongings and has help in school to do this. He is a popular member of his class and has many friends. ALD remains available to Oliver and his family if needed.

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