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About ALD

Early Intervention is important

The importance of early intervention is emphasised in the research and literature relating to autistic spectrum disorder. Many different approaches to helping children learn and develop are available and the emerging research acts as a guide for parents seeking intervention for their child.

Inter-agency and Inter-Disciplinary Working

ALD values partnership with other professionals as well as parents. Typically, home teaching would dovetail with work from:

Speech and language therapy - which is crucial in enabling a good diagnosis of the individual child's language needs. Intervention prescribed by the speech and language therapist can be built into the child's home programme.

Occupational therapy - needed to address the motor and sensory issues that affect children on the autistic spectrum. Exercises from the O.T. can be built into the child's daily programme.

ALD would also liaise with the child's pediatrician, G.P., dietician and, of course, pre-school or school in addressing the child's needs.

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